It’s been said that the world is a scene of changes. 

The Last Resort Inn has itself been the “scene of changes” since its construction in 1883 by Civil War Captain Barney Dyckman.

Originally known as Park Grove Place, local historians believe the Inn was the first resort built in South Haven.

In 1900 a 75ft. wing was added to the original structure, and the name changed to St. Cloud Resort.

In 1923 the Inn was purchased by Louis and Nettie Schrayer and renamed “The Plaza.” 

During this period there were Friday night fish dinners, and spaghetti dinners on Saturdays. After dinner, table cloths were rolled up, and out came the poker chips. 

The Inn still has the original house croupier used to rake in poker chips, as well as, original tables and dishes from the 1920’s.  

In early years of the buildings history the staff lived on the top floor The chimney - located in what is now known as Penthouse Harbor - has been autographed by friends and lovers since 1923.

Old timers have said this Inn "really jumped" back in the 1920's, during the prohibition, and the Inn was known as one of the places in town that liquor could be obtained.  Proof came from behind a kitchen wall.  Found during renovation written on a wooden plank were names followed by the word "pints".  This list may have been a secret record for keeping track of liquor orders.  

Nettie Schrayer owned & operated the Inn for 30 years, until selling to an unknown buyer; who then tried to keep the Inn running for a few years before finally closing in 1959.

Sitting virtually aboandoned for 20 years, the Inn was sure to be headed for the wrecking ball.  

But in 1979, Mary Hammer, the current owner/innkeeper purchased the building, while looking for a duplex. 

With water literally running down the inside walls, Mary couldn't decide wether to call the building, "The Incredible Hulk, or "The Last Resort". 

3 1/2 years & 10,000 man-hours of labor later, during the buldings 100th birthday, "Last Resort Inn" was opened Memorial Day weekend 1983.

South Haven's oldest Inn was back in buisness as South Haven's very first bed and breakfast! 

An addition was added in the late 1980's to the back of the building, creating the Penthouses.

In 2018 Mary Hammer celebrated her 35th anniversary of owning/operating the Inn.  Nettie Schrayer was the only other owner/operator to run the Inn for 30 years.