Cancellation Policy

*Regardless of when a reservation is booked, a $35 cancellation fee will be applied.*

*Reservations cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to arrival, guests are responsible for the entire deposit UNLESS we re-book the room for all nights originally reserved.* 

 *For holidays, special events, and group reservations a 30 day cancellation notice applies. There may be additional cancellation policies for group or rental of the entire Inn. Please inquire when booking.* 

 *Should it be necessary for guests to depart earlier than the confirmed departure date, no refunds will be applied.*

*Changes to an existing reservation may result in a re-booking or cancellation fee.*

**PLEASE NOTE: We will make every effort to re-book the room in the event of a last minute cancellation.**

*If you have cancellation concerns, vacation insurance is available from several providers online to inexpensively protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.*

General Policies

We welcome families in our Penthouses, Apartment, Studio Room, and in rooms 8 and 10. All small historic rooms are reserved for couples or independent travelers only.


The Apartment is for FAMILIES ONLY…groups are welcome in all other large units.


We are unable to accept pets!!! 


Our facility is for registered guests only. If you want to meet up with friends please meet at the beach, a local park or restaurant. 

For the safety of our staff - guests who have medical supplies that must be disposed of during their stay (ex. needles), please bring safe Sharps disposable container. 

A minimum fee of $50 will be charged for excessive cleaning, and/or loss or destruction of property. 

Smoking is not permited in any building on the premise, a $200 cleaning fee will be applied. 

***Please no smoking on public decks***  

****For the enjoyment of all our guests, quiet hours for decks and common areas, inside & out are between 10:30pm - 8:00am.  You are free to come and go as you please however, be courteous that others may be sleeping. **** 



1. Most weekends have a 2 night minimum stay requirement.

2. Most Holidays and/or Festivals have a 3-4 night minimum.  

3. We reserve the right to change prices and/or minimum stay.

4. We reserve the right to relocate 1 night stays to a similar room in size & price. 



Towels: In order to conserve valuable natural resources, one towel set, (bath/hand/washcloth) per guest, per stay will be provided. Additional towels are provided for extended stays only. 

Beach towels are not provided - please bring your own.

Personal make-up removers are provided, please be considerate of makeup residue as there will be a $10 service charge for each towel that is stained beyond recovery or missing.